Day Two, Abbaye de Chaalis

Once Raven and I left Ermenonville, we drove a few short miles to our next destination. Unfortunately, this adventure was cut short because the grounds were not yet open.  That did not stop me from  circling the perimeter for an entrance where I could have wandered on to the grounds, by mistake of course.  I really wanted to see the ruins of the abbey (or “abbaye” in French), teeming with life in the 1200s yet showing that time takes its toll on all of us.

I did come to a “weak spot” in the defenses.  I took one look at it and Raven said, “Mom, no!”


My daughter had reminded me that my main goal in France was to NOT GET ARRESTED, so there ended my exploration.  I will say I did take a fantastic video which you can view if you click HERE since the free version of my blog does not support videos.

If you are interested in learning more about this abbaye, click HERE for a link to their official website.


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