Day Two: Blois

I really do not have much to report on here. Raven and I pulled into our AirBnB apartment in the medieval section of Blois.  Raven and I walked through the narrow streets trying to imagine people throwing their pails of bodily waste onto the cobblestones below.  I was very thankful that I did not need to walk through any urine puddles! It is amazing to me that people still live in buildings that are centuries old.  When a house on the street is considered “new” because it was built towards the end of the 1500s, you have to shake your head.


Anyway, Raven and I wandered about, waiting for a restaurant to serve anything besides drinks.  The food menus are introduced at 7:00 although most people don’t come out to eat until 7:30 or 8:00.

You can click HERE for a short video showing how close our apartment was to the neighboring church.


It was sad that Blois had so much to offer, but Raven and I needed some sleep to prepare for a very busy day!


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