Night Three and Morning Four: Chinon

Disclaimer: This is my rough edition. The editing will take place once I am home.

It would turn out that Night Three would be the second time that Raven and I would have our lodgings to ourselves.  Hostellerie Gargantua was built in the 1400’s and was the residence of the town’s judge.  We were received warmly and given the pass code to the hotel since we would be alone.  Our room was beautifully decorated and the flight of stairs was totally fun to climb. Note: I would probably (literally) tire of the stairs in short order.  I also had a small room in which to update my lagging blog, for which I was excited.




Raven decided to retire for a short nap and I explored the medieval/renaissance city.  After ninety minutes I returned home and woke up my sleeping beauty and we set off for a simple dinner of an omelette and crepes.  We also wandered the city by night and took some photos of the fortress in the background.



The next morning, Raven and I wandered down a few floors to the dining salon.  Awaiting us was another beautiful breakfast I am fast becoming used to.  It was time to move on to the fortress!


Click HERE for a fun video on the staircase in the Hostellerie Gargantua.

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