School  wtt

Full editing will occur once I am home.

  • There is this post floating around the internet of a home that has been abandoned for centuries.  I also read that the moat is was sometimes empty making it possible to wander inside. I am sad to say this was not the case.

This five minute stop was a lesson in the decay of human creations. Nature always wants to take back what is hers. Some want to restore this beauty, but I also saw a peacefulness in allowing something being reclaimed.


Some glorious evening parties must have taken place here.

Not going to lie: it was eerie walking over the bridge.


It was actually creepy.



It might be fun to return here in 30 years and see what is looks like then…

As Raven and I were leaving, we saw that the neighbor has this tower in his front yard. I imagine the “lord” of this manor could begin his online dating tag with, “I have a castle tower in my front yard” as opposed to the whole cliche, “I like long walks on the beach.”

Additionally, I think the tower could function as an inlaw suite. Just saying. They will either love you for it or never come to visit!


Up next: Lunch in Poitiers with Raven,  a visit in Roman church and I trip over a Visigoth coffin!

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