France, Day 6: Puy-l’Eveque and Carcassonne

After a great night’s sleep, Raven and I were welcomed into the main portion of Olivia’s home.  Olivia, being bilingual, was able to answer my questions about the region and I promised I would be back one day.  Eating another delicious breakfast, Raven questioned how we would ever return to a life where our morning meal was not prepared for us.

france - day 6 breakfast

For the first time, our travels took us on the toll highways.  We wanted to be able to spend as much time in the famous walled city of Carcassonne so we sacrificed meandering roads for the ability to travel 130km/hour on a multi-lane highway.

Carcassonne is a small city with over 40,000 inhabitants calling the place home.  Within the city limits is the walled fortress in which portions date back to the Roman times. This amazing location has been lived in for over 5 thousand years because of its perfect trading location between the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions.

Raven and I pulled up to our little apartment on a narrow street just below the walled city.  We were greeted by Cristelle who owns a shop two doors down. I really cannot stress enough that any visitor to Carcassonne needs to see “La Fille du Midi” and look through the wares Cristelle is selling; they are all from the region.  My daughter bought a bottle of wine and I purchased some bonbons and a bottle of salt harvested from the region.

France - day 6 cascasonne

Our accommodations, located in an old market stall, were perfect:  bright, clean, and comfortable.

france carcassonne home

The medieval city was a wonderful adventure with lots of people. For the first time, the narrow streets were not ours.  I would hate to imagine the crowds of people during the tourist season.  We were lucky enough to be at the walled city when they had artists on site.  Dozens of artists were recreating medieval artifacts while we watched, from roof tiles to the illumination of a manuscript.

france carcasonnefrance carcassonne 2france carcasonne 1

france carassonne 4
Enter the City

france carassonne 5france carcassonne 5france carcassonne 6france carcassonne 7france carcassonne artistfrance cacassonne artist 2france carcassonne church

france carcassonne coffin
A Roman Coffin
france - carcassonne visigoth
A Visigoth Coffin

Although we spent several hours wandering though the city, we went back to the apartment without eating.

After a nap, Raven and I walked down our street to a small restaurant and enjoyed a quiet supper.  Our night finished like many of the others, checking our e-mail and Facebook accounts and me, typing away at this blog.

france carcassonne restuarant

The night views we captured on our evening walk…

france carcassonne night

france carcassonne night 2
Our street below the fortress.


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